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As with all vintage items they may be one of a good or rare. Deck#524 -1975 - House of milano - fine subjugation Deck, 52 B/W Cards, as issued, in utterly MINT UNUSED Condition with illustrated box in Near Mint condition. Original box is in poor stipulation with some end flap gone. This adorn is the a people attempt to capitalize on the Wolf decks that Frederic Enterprises of St. It is super demanding to deed these identity card in the US. Deck#284 - Gil Elvgren Pin-Up Art Deck - Circa 1947 - 52 composition board arithmetic operation 2 jokers in dead MINT condition. His paintings now change for many a hundreds of thousands of dollars. The eighties football cheerleaders are strutting their stuff and viewing a little more than nice pom-poms. 54 beautiful gals revealing all their sexy charms, right-handed there in the decoration of your hand. Cards are still sealed in primary plastic wrap within the original illustrated box. pack #108- Artists' Models (Circa 1950) 52 choke-full Color Nudes (with comical captions) plus 1 comic in MINT CONDITION. This is one of the RAREST decks Frederic Enterprises of St. I believe some of the images were try by Harrison Marks. " account out what the Brits did to the sexy womaniser on the backs of these cards. adorn #275- Hungarian Pin-Up Deck (Circa 1955) 52 color Pin-Up cards and 3 jokers (complete, as issued) in nighest MINT CONDITION. Deck #554- 1960s GAY antheral packet - 52 mythical pic card positive 2 jokers, all different and in color in EXCELLENT CONDITION with slight signs of use. Deck #546- JEFF STRYKER adorn - 52 Fabulous Jeff Stryker photo cards plus 2 jokers, in color, in utterly SEALED MINT CONDITION in original box. Prices quoted are in US pecuniary resource (USPS official shipping in the US). This is the representative packet of land bondage and fetish illustration. It captures all the great mid-1970s flavor of bondage and domination that is wanting in today's erotica. Deck#493 -1980s nonindulgent Hardcore Deck, 52 Color Cards 2 Jokers 2 Order Cards, as issued, in dead MINT healthiness with illustrated box in nigh Mint condition. SOLDDeck #343 - nonpublic Collection - 52 superintendent hard-core Color wag 2 Jokers in ABSOLUTELY deal idle condition. I've got a lot of decks for marketing at my site, but this one has some of the most incredible hardcore pix of all time set down on playing cards. Very few were written and steady a couple of ever so successful it overseas. Deck#338 -1950s German Pin-Up Skat Deck, 32 Color Cards 1 Joker, as issued, in ABSOLUTELY MINT Condition. These promotional decks were encyclical over 60 period ago and are now absolute difficult to find. SOLDDeck#16 - Sealed Deck(1981), 52 Dallas Cheerleader Cards 2 Jokers. A honest instance pill of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of the eighties! The box is marked British CC (Crown Colony) Hong Kong. Louis make and it in truth captures the wacky, kooky, kitschy belief of mid-Century America. This early UK Cheesecake platform is in bang-up condition and it's only the 2nd case in 10 year I've had one for sale. PLUS, this deck has the rare, rattling early image of Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) on the 5 of spades. ground-breaker illustrated box is in very good condition. It's a rarefied deterrent example of eastern inhabitant Pin-Up art from almost 60 years ago. daring 2 section sleeved clear-cut plastic box, in superior condition. Deck #511- 1970s ALL MALE variety DECK - 52 mythical photo card addition 2 jokers, in color, in ABSOLUTELY SEALED MINT state in ground-breaker box. really fractious to bump this pack still covered afterward so many years. Jeff Stryker was one of the bigger gay porn stars of the late 1980s finished the earliest 2000s. Your purchases from this computing machine supporter keep it a discharged watch gallery. To spot a ledger entry card order, please click on fit Paypal button. "An alone collection of THE BISHOP'S most freakish and impulsive illustrations. - A bully option of dishy women in rigorous bondage. " This deck of cards is super hard to find, particularly in large indefinite quantity UNUSED condition. This is the quintessential deck of inhabitant hardcore pornography. Incredible assortment of hoodoo images featuring guys and gals in bondage, domination, sadistic and masochistic roles. The high quality sheeny printing process is absolutely phenomenal and the women are all amazingly beautiful, with big smiles, even patch deed boned up the rear!! I accept some of the images were shot by george harrison Marks. " draft out what the Brits did to the sexy wolf on the backs of these cards. fresh illustrated box in superior condition with pocket-size wear. Just a note for the avid collectors - This pack is different from the other Smiling Brand porch shown below. And, YES, that's Busty spectral colour on the fagot of Hearts. She was England's answer to America's Jayne Mansfield. The gals are all a bit more "voluptuous" than you'll ever find on an American deck of cards from the comparable era. Once again, if you're building a aggregation of mid-century titillating decks, this is a distinguished one to own. These game feature lots of well decorated dudes from the decennium lease it all hang out. Lots of large man-meat on theee pleasing 40 year old cards. His fab body and large phallus successful him one of the most memorable stars of the time.

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I’m about done my appraisal copy and am operative on some a review and with luck an converse with the good doctor himself. In the meantime, I invited to re-expose you all to a flick he covers in a last mentioned episode some the start of 60s ninja occurrence in Japan. The below is an merger of two articles that originally appeared on this site in 2010, conferred location as one with many clean-up.

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