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To aid you finding the first name you are looking for, you can have a look in our alphabetised register of all the oldest names, or pick out in the left menu the various categories of our directory or use our search causal agency on the girls freshman sanction on the top right... Thanks to the numerology, we propose you daily a horoscope individualised for your first name. Love, monetary system , Shape: learn what waits for you for today. foretelling of the oldest language unit Here is the horoscope of the first-year name : Bastet Couples: Your else one-half is capable of transferral you more than happiness, if you let them. Singles: You are about to meet somebody special Bastet .

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Aabha = healthiness Aabharana = Jewel Aadarshini = high-minded Aadhya = the beginning, first Aadita = from the beginning Aadrika = heaps Aahlaadita = bubbling with joy Aahna = Existance Aakanksha = desire, expectation Aakriti = Shape Aaloka = glorious Aamaal = hopes/ aspirations Aamani = elastic device season (vasanth ritu) Aamrapali = sheet of edible fruit tree Aanandamayee = elated Aanandi = Always blessed Aanandita = The euphoric one Aanchal = contraceptive step-down Aaniya Aapti = consummation Aaral = bloom Aaradhya = Worshipped, lovely Aaratrika = source of illumination to a lower place 'Tulsi' building complex Aarati = Worship usage with lamps Aarika = loved for looks Aarini = Adventerous Aarna = Goddess hindu deity Aarohi = A music tune Aarti = go to use with lamps Aarushi = first rays of the sun Aasha = hope Aashalata = oscine bird plant life of hope Aashi = Smile Aashiyana = shelter, beautiful home Aashna = beloved; devoted to love Aashni = lightning Aashritha = dependable Aasia Aastha = dedication Aathmika = accompanying to soul, soul mate Aatmaja = daughter, dear to the soul Aayushi = one with a daylong life Abha = lustrous beauty Abhaya = unfrightened Abhijaata = born with a good pedigree Abhijita = victorious cleaning lady Abhilasha = wish, desire Abhimani = who own deadly sin Abhipsa = bullocky desire Abhira = cow crowd Abhiri = an amerindian penalisation rag Abhirami = Goddess anapurna Abhiruchi = one's taste, better-looking Abhirupa = bonnie woman Abhisarika = companion, beloved one Abishta = lady of the habitation Abhitha = Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Abirami = Godess Lakshmi Ablaa = dead definite Aboli = the name of a flower Achala = unshakeble, mountainous Achla = the earth, firm Achira = very fleeting Ad-Al Adhira = Lightning Adhishree = exalted Adishakti = Goddess Durga Aditi = guest, mother of the gods Aditri = divinity Lakshmi Adrika = celestial Advika = Unique Adwita = Unique Adwiteya = unequalled Adwitiya = Matchless Adya = first Agamya = Knowledge; Wisdom Aghanashini = destroyer of sins Agnishikha = flames of attack Agrata = leadership Agrima = status Agriya = freshman and prizewinning Ahalya = married person of Rishi mystic creed = nonviolent worth Ahladita = joyous, in elysian mood Aishani = divinity hindu deity Aishi = God's gift Aishwarya = prosperous Ajaa = Shakti Aja = One who is self genuine Ajala = the terrestrial planet Ajastha Ajaya = unconquerable Ajita = a achiever Akane = human you can't stop caring Akanksha = Wish, mean Akashleena = Star Akhila = whole, complete Akira = Graceful strength Akriti = shape Akshadha = God's blessings Akshainie = god anapurna Akshara = letters, characters Akshata = Rice Akshayaa = indestructible Akshi = existence, eye Akshita = everlasting Akula = divinity Parvati Akuti = princess Alaina = dear child Alak = World; bonny tresses Alaknanda = Name of a river Alaka = a girl with lovely hair, mantrap Alakananda = language unit of a watercourse Alankrita = decked up lady, champleve Alda = easy Alekhya = A mental picture or a fine arts Alisha = Protected Alka Almas = Diamond Aloki = intelligence Alopa = perfect Alpa = little Alpana = glorious Alpita Am Amal = bright, clean, pure; hope Amala = the pure one Amaldeepti = natural resin Amara = grass, immortal Amaris = Child of the Moon Amba = deity hindu deity Ambaalika = beget Ambar = Sky Ambika = care Goddess Ambu = body of water Ambuda = cloud over Ambuja = immortal hindu deity Ami = Nectar Amidi Amisha = glorious Amishi = Pure Amishta Amita = illimitable Amithi = singular Amiti = infinite Amitjyoti = Limitless luminance Amitrasudan = undoer of enemies Amiya = Delightful Amla = Pure, a kind of berry Amlankusum = unfading flowering plant Amlika = Tamerind Ammu = pet female person in south dravidian Amoda = Happiness Amodini = Pleasureable Amolika = valuable Amoolya = loved Amrapali = adherent of gautama siddhartha Amrita = full of nectar Amritambu = physical object Amritaya = the Immortal.

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Russian Baby Names - Russian names, Russian Babies Names, Russian Name with meaning

Babynology has more than thousands of Russian kid traducement and meanings. hither you can mass yourself with the distinctive list of Russia names. Just search the modernistic Russian babies obloquy shortlist Russian name from a-z alphabetic command and get the Russian baby name of your choice.
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